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Produce tasty foods

Time is always proceeding forward. Even though times have changed, we
believe there is a certain thing which never changes. Snacks enrich the human soul and calm the mind. Suzuki wishes to enrich lives by delicious snacks.

Utilize exhibitions to create new opportunities

Exhibitions promote trade and communication with customers. We expand the sales field by displaying local, seasonal, and trendy products. Suzuki eagerly participates in store visitations and lectures to exchange information with customers.

Unite with manufacturers

To deepen the tie with manufactures, Suzuki has organized the "Suzuki Committee" which includes the members of trading manufactures to make better products by cooperating and learning from each other. Currently over 10 members of the Committee exchange information, develop PB products, and promote trade. This Suzuki Committee of 10 accomplishes what big manufacturers cannot.

Expand the system

Suzuki is expanding its order, shipment, and accounting systems to develop products more quickly. The flexibility of our computer operations allows Suzuki to conduct daily business smoothly and speedily both inside and outside the company.