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Business Plan

After 60 years of history, we are moving to the next stage!

With creative power, we will continue to aim for the top of the market. Targeting the needs of our customers, we will use our imagination to develop new products and create flexible distribution channels. Our vigorous, challenging spirit will send the snack market to a new era!


  • Develop reliable and safe products with quality control.

  • Develop Private Name product lines with the partnership of manufacturers and store brands.

  • Respond quickly to consumer complaints.


  • Further domestic sales and worldwide development.

  • Incorporate customers’ points of view into products.

  • Prepare products compatible with regional characteristics.

  • Develop sales adaptable to changes in the times.


  • Use our advanced computer system.

  • Be flexible to meet the needs of clients.

  • Trouble-shoot smoothly and speedily.