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Greeting from Yasuhide Suzuki CEO and president

With Samurai strength we face a future of changing challenges!

SUZUKI & CO.,LTD. has been a leader in candy,cake and snack food product development for sixty years.
Our team has earned confidence and respect in the wholesale confectionary industry since its establishment in 1949.
In the global marketplace we now confront diversified customer needs and complicated marketing techniques. These challenges present our company with the opportunity to develop new products and strategies in the wholesale business.
SUZUKI will connect to the future by following our T-Action agenda : THINK,TRY,AND TEAM TOGETHER.
In the spirit of the Samurai Nobushi warrior,we have the power to push our confectionary industry to its full potential.
With your supoort of our leadership team,we look forward to the continued success of SUZUKI & CO.,LTD.

CEO. Yasuhide Suzuki


Development of the candy,cake,and snack food industry

Through development of the candy,cake,and snack food industry,SUZUKI & CO.,LTD.strives to promote the physical and spiritual well-being of all in our society.